Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HOmeschool Day 8

Homeschool Day 8 is for L. Because over the weekend, Pia had her homework about I, J and K. The kids made cards with drawings and putting Leaves as decors. L is for Leaves..

Homeschool Day 7

Homeschool Day 7 is H. H is for House.. They really enjoy crafts. Pia learns the alphabets and their sounds through these fun activities.

HOmeschool Day 6

After having mumps, Pia came back for our next lesson. G is for Green. Sometimes i just run out of ideas and the kids would think of new things to make..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homeschool Day 5

F for flowers and fingers!
This is day 5 of our homeschool with Pia. We had storytelling about the Fisherman and his wife. It told about the wishes of his wife that the fisherman had to tell to the Flounder who was magical.
They enjoyed a lot and then after the story time was our art class.
We traced their hands on art paper, then cut them out. We had these taped together to form the petals. We taped it on to a straw which was the stem of our flower.
Homeschool day 6 is taking toll because Pia is sick. We hope she gets well soon.

Homeschool Day 4

So, day 4 starts with our flag ceremony. Yes, i needed to teach them our National anthem. It was important that they learn this, as residents of the Philippines.
There had been a strong typhoon in between our lessons so Pia couldn't come to our house. I told her relatives to teach her about the letter D. So when she came here for our lessons, we already have the letter E on our 4th day.
E for Elephants
We used the tissue paper rolls for this cute elephants. As usual, Pia enjoyed and had fun.

Homeschool Day 3

I was hoping that Pia could already memorize the first 2 alphabets i taught her. I just keep reviewing her about the alphabets and their sound. I remember my son, Andrew.. He learned the alphabet when he was just 2 years old. And the first letter he memorized was letter O and X.
3rd day about C.. Click! and Camera!
Since it was a good day, i wanted to use up my film rolls so i could have them processed.
 And i thought it was a good day to teach about the letter C outdoors..
It was fun doing fieldwork, taking pictures with these kids. And not only did they have fun, but learned about this letter.

Homeschool Day 2

Since Pia enjoyed homeschool with Andrew, she couldn't wait for the next day.
I needed to adjust our regular lessons with Andrew, so we have separate art class with Pia.
The second day was about letter B. I could not think of other crafts to make but a pinwheel (since it was windy that day). 
I just taught her that Breeze starts with the letter B... So she stuck that in her mind :D
the Breeze that makes the pinwheel spin starts with letter B! (ain't that cute?)
Oh well, another day for our exciting homeschool days...

Homeschool Day 1

It is a bit hard to teach a child who is almost 6 years old and doesn't know how to read yet. This is the situation between me, the teacher, and Pia, the child. Her biological mother has abandoned her and was left to her relatives. She is still blessed to have them take care of her. 

But because of the present situation, Pia's relatives could not fix her proper documents to get her to school. And since i started my homeschool with my son, Andrew, we decided to have arts class with Pia; at the same time teaching her the alphabet and help her start reading.
A- is for Animals Craft
We use crafts so that she can enjoy each lesson. Pia was hesitant at first, probably not even used to this kind of school setting. But eventually, she started enjoying.