Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homeschool Day 1

It is a bit hard to teach a child who is almost 6 years old and doesn't know how to read yet. This is the situation between me, the teacher, and Pia, the child. Her biological mother has abandoned her and was left to her relatives. She is still blessed to have them take care of her. 

But because of the present situation, Pia's relatives could not fix her proper documents to get her to school. And since i started my homeschool with my son, Andrew, we decided to have arts class with Pia; at the same time teaching her the alphabet and help her start reading.
A- is for Animals Craft
We use crafts so that she can enjoy each lesson. Pia was hesitant at first, probably not even used to this kind of school setting. But eventually, she started enjoying.

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